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For students and PhD students

Updated: 2021-06-17


In our company there is a possibility to do the thesis in Polish or English.
We invite students of Physics, Technical Physics, Computer Physics, Computer Science and related faculties to contact.

Research topics

1. Baikal experiment - search for unknown astrophysical phenomena (Details) dr hab. Góra Dariusz
2. Study of cosmic rays at the Pierre Auger Observatory (Details) dr hab. Góra Dariusz
3. Early warning of earthquakes by monitoring low-energy cosmic radiation? (Details) dr hab. Homola Piotr
4. Numerical elaboration and experimental verification of equations of quantum electrodynamics describing fission of a very high energy photon into secondary photons (Details) dr hab. Homola Piotr
5. Anomalous schedules of arrival times in space ray assemblies as signatures of interactions of high energy particles with the quantum structure of space-time continuum (Details) dr hab. Homola Piotr
6. Development of the simulation/reconstruction software and its testing within the Baikal-GVD high-energy neutrino experiment (Details) dr hab. Stasielak Jarosław
7. Reconstruction of neutral pions in the new sub-detector trace of the upgraded ND280 near detector in the T2K experiment (Details) dr Marcela Batkiewicz-Kwaśniak

Practice topics

As part of the internship, we offer students a selection of scientific projects and topics offered by our employees in a given project. Scientific projects in which the internship is possible:
1) CREDO (Details)
2) Baikal-GVD
3) PierreAuger